Check New Jersey Food Stamp Balance

The New Jersey food stamp balance on your EBT card allows you to purchase groceries at approved SNAP retailers across the United States. Your New Jersey EBT card, called Families First, acts like a debit card. Each month your SNAP payment, based on the New Jersey food stamps household income standards, is added to your card through the Electronic Benefit Transfer system. The Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, called New Jersey SNAP Program, is run by the New Jersey Department Of Family Development. Below we provide 3 common ways to check the most recent EBT card account balance.

Check New Jersey Food Stamp Balance By Phone Number

To check the food stamp balance on your New Jersey Families First Card, you can contact the SNAP customer service phone number at 800-997-3333. When calling, please make sure to have your card number ready. You can also call this number if you have general questions or issues about your government benefits. This may include changing your card's security pin number, reporting your New Jersey food stamp card lost or stolen, inquiry about recent purchases made with your SNAP benefits, report welfare fraud, or if you are currently applying for food stamps, get the current status on your New Jersey food stamp application.

Access Your New Jersey EBT Account Online

You can now check your New Jersey EBT card balance online. When first accessing this site you need to create an EBT account, when signing up for this account you will need to have your food stamp card number ready. Once your account has been created on, you will then be able to login and view your most recent balance as well as view your transaction history on your New Jersey Families First Card.

View New Jersey SNAP Balance On Grocery Receipt

When you purchase your groceries at a store that accepts food stamps, you are given a receipt. On that receipt you should be able to view the latest amount available on your New Jersey EBT card. Please note, not all food purchase receipts have the food stamp balance printed in the same place.