Pennsylvania Food Stamp Balance On EBT Card

Check Pennsylvania food stamp balance on your Pennsylvania ACCESS Card. Your Pennsylvania Electronic Benefit Transfer card is a prepaid debit card similar to the ones issued by a bank or credit union. Each month the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program issues a payment on your Pennsylvania food stamp card, which then can be used to make purchases at approved SNAP food retailers.

If you check Pennsylvania food stamp balance online through the EBT website,, you will need to first create an EBT account. Once you have your EBT account you can then login and check your balance. You can also check your Pennsylvania EBT balance using your recent receipt. When you buy your approved SNAP items from a store that accepts food stamps you will be given a receipt and at the bottom of that grocery receipt it will show you the remaining Pennsylvania food stamp balance available on your EBT card. Another way to check your available EBT balance is by phone.

You can use the EBT customer service phone number listed below, or on the back of your Pennsylvania ACCESS Card. You can call to get your current balance, report your Pennsylvania food stamp card lost or stolen, report that your card no longer works, change your EBT card pin number, report food stamp fraud or if you have questions about purchases made on your card and other general questions or issues about your Pennsylvania SNAP benefits.

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