How To Apply For Food Stamps

There are different ways to apply for food stamps in your state. In most cases you can either visit the local welfare office and fill out a food stamp application, or you can download a copy and fill it out at home and turn it in. Some states even have a website that allows you to apply for benefits online. From there one of the agents may require you to come in for an interview to determine if you are eligible and for how much. Usually to qualify to receive food stamps in your state, you will need to be a resident, your household income must meet certain criteria, how many people live in your house, if anyone is on any other welfare program etc.

You might even qualify for emergency food stamps, depending on your situation. People who are approved for this program, called SNAP (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program), will receive a EBT card. This acts like a debit card that allows you to go to any store throughout the US that accepts food stamps and purchase groceries for your family. To find out how to apply for food stamps, select your state below.