Report A Lost Or Stolen EBT Card

In states using the EBT system to provide food stamp benefits, people receiving these benefits are unable to purchase food without an EBT card. So, if the card has been lost or stolen, it is very important for the person to report it immediately and receive a replacement so they do not see a delay in using their food stamp benefits or risk someone else who stole the card or found it and try to use your food stamp benefits without your authorization.

In a similar situation, if the magnetic stripe on the back of the EBT card has been damaged and cannot be read by the EBT terminal at a store, then a replacement card must be issued before benefits can be accessed. There are several steps that must be taken once a person reports their EBT card lost or stolen and each state has a different process in replacing those cards. To find out what the process is, select the state you are receiving benefits from below.